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Animatronic Animals

    We could only go to zoo to see animals before, but now we can not only see prehistoric animals but also contemporary animals in various places.

    How can we make it come true?

    Firstly, collecting animals’ information. Researching different animals’ information includs features,  characteristics and the size and so on. Drawning mechanical structure chart by computer modeling.

    Secondly, producing the mechanical part. Choosing high quality steel to weld the frame of simulated animals. Ensuring that every single joint can move by the control of electric motor. In this way, we accomplish mechanical part.

    Thirdly, producing the muscles part. Choosing high-density sponge to create dinosaur’s muscles. High density sponge has strong elasticity to support the pulling force of mechanical transmission. It is soft so the skin has vivid feelings. 

    Fourthly, grafting the skin. We use diluted silicone to make skin grafts. Some animals have their own capillus, so we should find suitable capillus to decorate it.

    Lastly, installing controllers so that the simulated animals can move.

    Nowadays, we can visit simulated animals in museum, park, supermarket, and airport, etc.






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