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    We generally see simulated dinosaur fossils in museum and technology museum. In order to copy more simulated dinosaur fossils, we still constantly explore to find more information about dinosaur fossils.

    We manufacture simulated dinosaur fossils on the basic of real information of dinosaur fossils. Even sometimes we use real fossils as tool to make mould. We copy every bones of dinosaur fossils in proportion and install it to an integrated dinosaur skeleton. Finally, we can display it in museum.

    The mould of dinosaur skeleton fossils is made by clay. Finished product is made by resin and glass cloth. We use steel frame that we welded on the basic of customer’s requirements to install some pieces of bones into an integrated fossils. Our simulated dinosaur fossils adopt the form of soak to color. We use this method to color fossils because pigment can infiltrate into every gap, so we can manufacture homogeneous color. 

    This method that we manufacture dinosaur fossils also can be use to manufacture prehistoric animal, contemporary animal, skeleton of human beings, etc. Simulated dinosaur skeleton generally display in museum, science and technology museum, theme shopping malls, park and landscapes. As long as customer need to display somewhere, we can design new scene to display our products.





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