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    Dinosaur costume, dinosaur decoration, prank tool of dinosaur, awful dinosaur

    We cannot define what kind product of this dinosaur because of its extensive usage. Such as, stage performance, commercial activity, prank tool, technology and education, guide of dinosaur show, propaganda ambassador.

    Why we call it dinosaur? In fact, it is the fur and feather of dinosaur. In order to control its weight, we choose stainless steel to set up frame and thinner sponge and silicone to make grafts. And the thickness of skin cannot be manufactured thick. Because performer bear the whole weight, we do our best to reduce the weight of dinosaur costume. Also, because of light weight, performer can perform more flexible.

    All joints are flexible in costume. Performer control it by hand to come true some movements including opening and closing mouth, blinking eyes, moving head left-right, running, swaying tail and roaring. There is a camera with a display screen. Performer can see external situation by means of display screen when he is performing.






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