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Simulated model of mechanical dinosaur is completely handmade crafts. Simulation means that different species of dinosaurs can be “revived” by our technology. Until now, we have manufactured about 70-80 species of dinosaurs. After ensuring what kind of dinosaur we want to revive, we find its skeletal data of fossils. We can draw its fundamental structure through skeletal data, and copy this kind of dinosaur. Firstly, we choose high quality steel to set up the frame of simulated mechanical dinosaur and design its fundamental gestures. Every joint can move through installing mechanical transmission. Then, we use high density sponge to make muscles and use silicone to make skin. Finally, various functions come true by controller. The size of mechanical dinosaur is slightly large, so superior dinosaur need to be separated when it is transporting; after achieving destination, we arrange engineers to install and adjust at spot. Mechanical dinosaurs apply to theme park, museum, science and education exhibition, science and technology museum, landscapes, manor, shopping mall, hotel, housing estate, etc.
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